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Our Teachers



Founder/Owner, Yoga Teacher

Samantha offers creative & fluid vinyasa, yin, restorative, prenatal and postnatal style practices. Her attention to the breath and invitation to move more mindfully and intuitively, asks students to slow down and drop into their bodies and out of their minds.  She is known for her calming, relaxing tone and the ability to have you leaving class feeling refreshed, restored and connected. She enjoys creating an environment that is soothing and supportive for students. Her teaching style is inspired by a dance background, her teachers, and her own direct experience. Samantha enjoys weaving Kundalini, pranayama, meditation, and stability & mobility practices into her offerings; inviting students to explore how the power of their breath and the stilling of their mind shifts how they move on the mat and in their lives off of the mat.


Samantha is the Founder of Quiet Life Yoga.  She created the studio with the intention to offer the community a space to come together to heal, connect, grow and get curious.


Samantha holds her RYT200 and RPYT designations. She has over 500 hours of training in the areas of vinyasa, prenatal/postnatal, yin yoga, restorative yoga, creative sequencing, meditation and yoga philosophy.  She has trained with Brett Larkin, Schuyler Grant, Judith Hanson Lasater, Vincent Lu, MommyMovesYoga and Kevin Naidoo Yoga.   


You will feel restored and energized after attending one of Samantha’s classes – cultivating the opposite to your busy days by moving slowly and deeply from a place of strength and surrender.




Yoga Teacher

My Yoga journey began many years before actually setting foot on the mat. In 2006  the opportunity presented itself to spend 6 weeks in northern India as a part of a U of S  study abroad summer class. I was most fascinated seeing the Yogis and Sadhus that we encountered at almost every turn, and especially in and around the  the Holy cities of Haridware, Rishikesh and Varanasi. 

Fast forward to 2018. I began attending hot yoga / Bikram classes to combat stress and gain  some flexibility back in my body. After a lifetime of working on my family’s cattle ranch, years of playing hockey and working as a front line officer with the Saskatoon Police Service had taken its toll on me.

In the summer of 2021, I had a wake up call  and I needed to step back from my hard charging lifestyle.  I found myself with a serious case of burnout and PTSD. This is when yoga became a central focus in an attempt to  get my feet back under me. The power that yoga had to balance, create space and heal became evident.

In 2023 I completed my 200hr YTR with Pure living Yoga.  

Many come to yoga for different reasons, but most of us share similar goals and hopes of improved health and wellness. We all learn from each other, student and teacher, and I look forward to continuing my journey alongside you.


Nancy, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Nancy holds her 500RYT and enjoys guiding flow, yin, myofascial release, yoga nidra, chair yoga, restorative and children/teen classes. Nancy also guides sound baths, full moon ceremonies and workshops. Nancy's classes are suitable for all levels. 

In addition to yoga, Nancy is certified in many other healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, New Earth Angel Reiki and Sound Therapy, Access Bars and EFT-Tapping  and Meditation.  She enjoys weaving these practices into her classes to support stuents in accessing their own resorative response system.

Yoga is her passion and she also loves being in nature and to be active throughout all seasons.  Traveling, trying new things, the beach and sunshine are her favourite things, as well all spending time with her three beautiful daughters.  


Lauren, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Lauren is a multifaceted teacher and student who believes in weaving love into all things. She is a 500 hour RYT, breathwork facilitator, registered massage therapist, and reiki practitioner. 


Lauren has a passion for movement and exploring the body with a sense of curiosity, compassion and wonder. Her style of teaching is accessible and explorative, giving you the space to move and breathe freely in the ways that feel good in your body. Lauren’s practices are always a blend of playful and thoughtful sequencing, fascial work, intuitive movement, pranayama and breath practices. She known for offering a nurturing touch or hands on adjustment when given consent. 


In all of her work, the breath is always a point of focus. She hopes to support others to remember the medicine that is right at the tip of their nose. Lauren is the owner of Lokaya Wellness in Saskatoon and when she’s not in her clinic or teaching yoga she’s usually playing in nature with her two dogs, Yogi and Prophet.


Amanda, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Amanda is a compassionate teacher that is accepting of everyone just the way they are. She will hold space for you wherever you are on your yoga journey - no matter your level of experience. Amanda's classes focus on movement with the breath, listening to your body, and being kind to yourself. She especially loves teaching mamas to be and new mamas. 

She received her vinyasa 200hr RYT through One Yoga and her 85hr RPYT through Mamata Yoga. 

Bonnie, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Bonnie's sequencing is unique, adaptable and a little fiery! She intentionally connects you to your breath while you move, brining you into the present moment - on your mat. She holds her 200hr RYT and took her training with Vincent Lu at Ground Yoga in Saskatoon.  her wish is that we are all able to honour our own journey in some way and come to realize our true potential.  To celebrate the small things even though it can be difficult at times. To come to know that it is not the end results nor the goal but the moments in between that really matter. That one day we will all believe that we are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.


Bonnie is honoured to see the growth within her fellow yogis. For on one level we are separate unique beings and on the other we are apart of something that connects us. Yoga-union.



Yoga Teacher

Yoga is for everyone - said every yoga teacher ever and as cliche as it sounds, it's true! Jonathon truly believes in this statement and strives to provide a safe space for people to discover, play and explore. He also believes in following your heart and passions, which has taken him across Canada and to Europe where he trained in Copenhagen at the Triangle Yoga Academy, receiving certification in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Since receiving his certificate in 2018, he has taught more than 1000 hours of classes. Upon returning to Saskatoon in the summer of 2020, he started pursuing education as a registered massage therapist (RMT).  You can find him at Thrive here in Warman!


He is excited to expand his knowledge and understanding of the body and to bring it into the studio.  Jonathon discovered yoga at university while completing a bachelors in Fine Arts, needing an outlets to release tension, ease anxiety and regain mobility after long hours in the studio.  His practice became a place of refuge, and rehabilitation for his body and mind. Jonathon's practical and adaptive teaching style is inclusive and holistic. He aims to help students connect more deeply to their bodies so they can move better, breathe deeper and be fully present to create wellness and positivity.


Karmen, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Karmen has been a yoga instructor for nearly eleven years, teaching many styles of yoga – including; Hatha, vinyasa, yin, prenatal, and restorative yoga. Over the past couple of years, Karmen’s passion for teaching resides in offering a nourishing restorative yoga practice – allowing students space to explore the art of stillness and connect inward. Karmen is also a birth Doula – offering families support and education through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.


600 hr Moksha/Modo, Hatha TT

100 hr One Yoga, Vinyasa TT

20 hr Namaskar Yoga, Prenatal TT

20 hr Vinyasa Clara Roberts

50 hr Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga TT

20 hr Cindu Lee, Restorative Yoga TT

Postpartum support International 2-day workshop

Birth Doula Certification with Birth Ways International

Spiritual Development Levels 1 & 2 with Bev Lazar

Screenshot 2024-01-08 154632.png


Yoga Teacher

Jenel has been teaching yoga in Warman and areas for the last 15 years.  She considers herself a contemporary yoga teacher, connecting move with her students who are busy in life but trying to find some calm once in a while (since she is one of these people herself!)

She enjoys teaching a good slow vinyasa flow, with chill tunes, and is influenced greatly by her teacher, Jason Crandell.

Jenel holds her Fitness Yoga Certification Level 1&2 with Maureen Rae

Advanced sequencing with Jason Crandal

Yoga Injury and Prevention with Jason Crandal

Yin Yoga Training with Namaskar Studio in Saskatoon

and has completed her 200hour with Jason Crandell



Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey started over 10 years ago attending classes mainly to feel the benefits of stretch. Later on in life I was inspired to take my practice further & gain more knowledge of the body & all the amazing benefits of yoga. I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Soma Yoga Institute with specialized training in both Yin & Restorative Yoga.


Yoga seemed to find me when I needed a bit of a life raft. Four years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. At that time when I practiced yoga, classes started to feel more than just a stretch – I began to feel this sense of ease within my body. Every time I stepped onto my mat I began to learn to truly connect with my body in a positive way with a sense of calm & contentment – and to let go of the idea that this disease was in control of my body. Yin, Restorative & Gentle Flow Yoga was very healing to both my mind & body, and in turn, began to change my whole mindset. Bringing me calm in my day – and to just BREATH. Yoga has become a very important part of my life and very close to my heart. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this beautiful gift of yoga with you. To help conquer the inner chaos & to find ease within the mind, body & soul.


Together we can learn from our past experiences, strengthen our present & build a positive future. Bringing your precious energy back to you. It’s an honor to share this beautiful space of calm & healing both mentally & physically with you & to help navigate through your journey with more ease. Yoga is so much more than just poses, its about you, the whole beautiful you.


Shanna, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Shanna is a bright, intelligent, riveting soul - who truly honors the lineage of yoga and its teaching beyond asana. Her teaching style is inclusive, loving, succinct and beautifully sequenced with the gems of pranayama and meditation nestled in her craft. She creates classes that allow you to ground, feel empowered, and find connection within the body and mind. Her fascination with yoga philosophy shines through in her classes, focusing the practice of mindfulness into your daily life beyond the studio. Recognizing we are intimately connected with the world around us. The quiet and peacefulness cultivated in her classes are something you can take home with you, and continue to cultivate.  

She loves to incorporate fluid movement into her classes, whether they are hatha, vinyasa, power or restorative. You can expect to be offered options throughout the class, so you may take a variation of the asana (pose or posture) that honors your body at that time. Her loving and sparkling personality makes you feel like you can completely be yourself around her - students will feel so safe, at ease and welcomed in her classes. 

Shanna holds a 200hr RYT through Kootenay Yoga School and plans to continue her education with yoga.

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